After another great season with no injuries, we have seen that many customers improved supervision efforts to make sure that their party goes without any accidents. We are happy to see that because we are fully committed to the inflatable riders` safety. However, there are some renters who believe inflatables are one of those toys that you just let kids play. We, at Fun Time Bounces, are convinced that inflatable rides need to be supervised at all times. Our company carries insurance against inflatable malfunction and installation negligence risks, but the renter is responsible for all risks associated with riders` actions.

Each of our inflatables has a set of rules posted on the front side of the inflatable, so please read and enforce them. Among others, these are the most important safety rules that might be helpful for those who rent inflatables for the first time.

No shoes – stepping on somebody’s toes with shoes on can hurt, especially if there is a significant difference between kid size and weight. Also, the risk of twisting an ankle with shoes on is much greater compared to with shoes off. In addition, dirt that comes with shoes makes a bounce house not such a clean place to play, and we charge an additional fee for heavy cleaning.
Group kids by their size and weight – a significantly smaller bounce house user will fly into other riders or walls when bigger (size and weight) users bounce.
No sharp object allowed in – it is a risk to themselves, other users and the inflatable.
Rough playing, pushing and rough wrestling usually get out of control and the best way to handle these situations is to prevent them before they escalate.
If you have to leave the inflatable for a short period of time, please remind the riders of the safety rules.
If the inflatable gets wet, and it is not designed for such a purpose, it needs to be dried before it is used again. Wet inflatables are slippery and increase risk of injuries for all riders.
Jousting, boxing and sumo suits require proper protecting gear. Face masks must be worn by both users.
Please read our safety policy before your rental date and remember that you are responsible for the safety of the riders and any damages to the inflatable(s). Together let`s make inflatable rentals a safe place to have fun. At the end of your party we want to see only happy faces.

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