Have you ever thought about having a photo booth at your event to increase your visibility in the social media world? If not, please read this article. Although not every photo booth is capable of doing such a thing, we are happy to say that our “state of art” photo booth is capable of doing serious marketing business. It is an entertainment and advertisement tool at the same time.

All our customers who rent the photo booth get their name, logo, theme and message printed on the customized picture background. Our photo booth is capable of posting photos instantly on Facebook, Twitter and videos on YouTube. It’s a simple and powerful marketing tool.
Let’s say you have a hundred people at you event and each person has at least 150 friends on social media networks, then your social media outreach is 15,000 people. Impressive! If you are renting the photo booth to reach potential customers, you would pay less than 4 cents each for advertisement.

When you compare the photo booth advertisement to other advertisement media, the photo booth has significant advantages.

First, the picture captures the excitement of the event and conveys a certain message. A paper ad or radio giggle don’t have both components.

Second, the messages stay on Facebook and Twitter much longer than commercials on TV or ads in the newspapers, so your potential clients have more time to see the message and even get engaged in the conversation.

Third, recording videos during the event and posting them on internet, brings another dimension to your marketing campaign. We all know how much videos posted on internet contribute to the search engine optimization. It’s proven that more people click on videos compared to the text.

Forth, the eye appealing and slick design of the photo booth as well as the small footprint makes this tool convenient for any event. In addition, our photo booth has the highest picture quality and the printer that does its job in just 7.5 seconds.

See you at you next event, our photo booth is ready to prove all the above.

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