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Triple Lane Bungee Run

Triple Lane Bungee Run

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Ready, set, go! Race to see who can get the farthest down their lane before the bungee run snaps you back to bounce off the inflatable surface.  The game is simple – 3 runners put on a harness with a bungee cord attached to it.  They line up in their respective lanes, and when the race begins, they run as far as they possibly can.  When they reach their limit, they slap their Velcro flag down to mark how far they got.  The trick is to run fast enough to get ahead, but not too fast or the bungee will bring you back to the start in a blink of an eye.  Whoever gets the farthest wins!

Dimensions: L35 X W15 X H12

Age: 7+

Participants: 3 users at the same time, maximum 200lb per user

Power requirement: 2 (two) 15 amp circuit

Attendant: 1-2