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Rock N Roll Joust

Rock N Roll Joust

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The Rock N Roll Joust & Boxing Ring inflatable interactive game turns amateur jousters into rock stars! Players enter the six-sided arena and climb onto the raised center pedestal for a jousting match. There is just enough room on top of the pedestal so that players will have to both rock and roll to maintain their balance. A contestant wins when he or she has defeated the opponent and claims the pedestal. The Rock N Roll Joust & Boxing Ring interactive inflatable game has a bright and beckoning exterior, and a dizzying red- and blue-striped interior floor perfect for celebratory jumping, giving it the draw power for hours of traffic.

The Rock N Roll Joust & Boxing Ring inflatable jousting game is a great way to promote exercise and healthy competition and sportsmanship. It can be used as a bounce house to provide fun and exercise to even the smallest participants.

Dimensions: L22 X W24 X H10

Age: 7+

Participants: 2 users at a time for jousting, maximum 220lb per user

Power requirement: 2 (two) 15 amp circuit

Attendant: 1