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Price: $349.00

Customer Rating:    2.5 of 5 (2 votes)

The gauntlet game is a very fun interactive inflatable game with 7(seven) people playing the game at the same time.

Six players (ball throwers) take their positions on the outside of the inflatable (three on each side), and one player (a racer) races through the middle of the inflatable trying to dunk a ball at the end of the inflatable. The catch is that the ball throwers have large foam boulders suspended from the ceiling and they hurl the boulders at the person running through the middle of the gauntlet. They will try to catch the racer off guard as the racer makes his/her way through the GAUNTLET! Can you make it through???

Dimensions: L30 X W13 X H15

Price: $349

Age: 7+

Participants: 1 user at a time inside, up to 6 users pushing boulders from outside, maximum 175lb per user

Power requirement: 2 (two) 15 amp circuit

Attendant: 2