Personally, I have nothing against the local competition in the inflatable rental market. Nevertheless, good competition makes you even better, and helps maintain a good reputation for the entire inflatable rental industry. Although in Madison, WI, the competition was already very steep, we didn’t have too many problems with that since majority of the competitors took safety seriously. I believed, and I still believe, it helped all of us to make renting bounce houses a positive experience for all our clients. Since the majority of customers like to try something new every year, we all had enough opportunities to make our inflatable business profitable.

That story recently changed dramatically when a few inflatable companies emerged with a very limited amount of inflatables, some of them not even commercially rated, and without strong consideration for safety. In my understanding of this business, they use questionable marketing moves.

One of them says, “13×13 bounce hold approximately 10 kids”. I assume they meant that the moonwalk bounce house can be used by 10 kids at the same time. Those who are in the inflatable business and have done their homework know that a 13×13 commercial bounce can hold 10 kids, but all ten of them can’t bounce safely since the space is limited. The kids need to have room to fall down safely without hurting somebody else. This type of bounce houses allows only 5-6 kids to bounce safely at the same time. There is no reason to put ten kids together to bounce, especially if they are different in size. They won’t enjoy the bounce house!

The other claims that even adults can use 13×13 bounce houses. A simple 13×13 bounce house is designed FOR CHILDREN ONLY. Adults should not be using inflatables unless the inflatable is specifically designed for such purpose. Only bigger inflatables have stronger and thicker bounce floors, so they can support the adult weight. However, no one should enter the inflatable, if his/her weight exceeds the inflatable limit, usually between 175-225 pounds.

Why?! A few serious accidents have occurred when adults have bounced with children. Adults have fallen over and landed on children and in extreme cases have bounced the child so high that the child has flown over and out of the bounce house and been seriously injured. Adults, if children are using inflatables, please stay away from them! Fun Time Bounces requires all our renters to enforce this rule! However, adults can help children if such help is necessary, just don’t jump.

In some cases adults under the influence of alcohol, served at the majority of parties, use inflatables in an unsafe manner (rough housing, horse playing, wrestling, flips) without thinking about the consequences. If you see someone doing this, please let them know about potential dangerous consequences! You don’t want you party to be on TV by having someone get seriously hurt! Although you are responsible for the safety of the occupants, we don’t want to see in that case our bounce house on TV either!

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